Thursday, 8 May 2014

Greg Dyke wants B Teams

Greg Dyke hosted a press conference today where he spoke about a plan he made up with his FA commission pals to stop England being shit at football.

I'll be honest, this story is really boring but basically the gist of it is (Mirror):
Among the proposals, as expected, was the controversial introduction of Premier League B-teams in a new 20-team League Three completed by 10 Conference sides. 
That idea has already been criticised but Dyke and his team – who point to the success of Germany and Spain as example for English football to follow – envisage the new league beginning in 2016-17. 
Dyke and his Commission believe the new league would help bridge the gap between youth football – especially players between 18 and 21 – and first team level. 
The B-teams would not be allowed to gain promotion beyond League One and not enter the FA Cup or League Cup.
It's a bit more thought out and complicated than my plan to improve the England football team, which was to tell them to fuck off.  Took me hours as well.