Sunday, 18 May 2014

Football wins, Atletico win the league

Super sexy sex man Diego Simeone was celebrating along with the non-glory hunting side of Madrid last night, as his team held on to win La Liga for the first time in 18 years.

Atletico only had to draw with Barcelona to secure the league title so started well by going a goal down, thanks to Alexis Sanchez, who I still can't tell is good or not.  Then some other stuff happened and eventually Diego Godin, who I have about 8 swapsies of, and also who looks like Michael Bolton in the Captain Jack Sparrow video, scored a header.  I think it was a header.

I've realised upon inspection that I actually mean Diego Forlan looks like Jack Sparrow

I think it might just be that the Uruguay shirt is quite piratey.  Is that a word?  It is now.

Even better, Messi had a goal incorrectly ruled out for offside, as you can see in the video above.  I don't think they can really complain though seeing as if you stand 3 yards offside in the box it's pretty much your own fault.

Barca also did their best to put Atletico off by only allowing about 500 people into a stadium that fits 90,000.  I know I'm really sticking my neck out here, but that feels slightly unfair.

It's great that Atletico won the league and if the title chase can continue in this three way next season there might be hope for La Liga yet.  At the moment it's basically an expensive, sunnier SPL except instead of me hating the top two teams, I basically want to have sex with most of them.  Then again, I just saw some footage of Cilla Black when she was about 20 and I want to have sex with her now as well.  So deal with that.