Monday, 5 May 2014

*BONG* Brazilian fan killed by toilet *BONG*

Brazil is set to host a World Cup very soon which would be great news if people weren't busy throwing toilets at other people.

The BBC says:
A Brazilian football fan has died after being hit by a toilet bowl thrown at the end of a Second Division match in the north-eastern city of Recife.
Paulo Ricardo Gomes da Silva was struck as clashes took place near one of the entrances to Arruda stadium.
Another three people were reportedly hurt as toilet bowls were ripped out of stadium facilities and hurled at rival fans below.
The problem with stories like this is that if weren't for the fact that a person died, the idea of someone ripping a fucking toilet out of the wall and hurling it at someone is actually really quite funny, but a person did die so now it's not.  Or maybe it is.  I really can't tell anymore.  I haven't been this confused since I enjoyed an episode of Veronica Mars.  Am I a woman now?  Only time will tell