Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Who will be the next Man United manager?

There are lots of stories in the news today about Manchester United but the biggest one is just who will replace poor old David Moyes?

The obvious choice, and bookies favourite, is Louie Van Gaal but this is mostly and almost entirely because there is almost literally no-one else available.  Jurgen Klopp said no, Pep Guardiola said no, they've ruled out Ryan Giggs and already turned down Mourinho last summer, and Ancelotti is the manager of Real Madrid.  That's it.  There are no more managers in the world.

Logic dictates therefore that the man from the Netherlands shall be the new chosen one.  A former Holland international told The Daily Mirror:
“He is, without question, the best manager I have ever played for. For me, he has proved himself to be one of the best managers and coaches in the world.
“He is very disciplined, very strict and is very attacking in his philosophy. I know English football well, and his style is suited to that.
“He believes in wingers, he is very strong and very tactical. The best word I can think of is demanding.
“He will never turn down Manchester United, believe me. I think it’s the job he really wants. And he will be a revelation at Manchester United.”
As a desperate Ed Woodward searches for someone to replace the guy he's just sacked without really having thought through who that might be, at least we know that a man who looks like Jim Henson made him in his factory is ready to answer the call.  At any rate he can't really look any more of a muppet than Moyes already does, but that is mostly his own fault.  The last time I saw someone crash this hard was Paul Walker.  Or Ryan Dunn.  Or whichever of those it's ok to make jokes about, I haven't been getting emails recently so I'm not sure