Sunday, 13 April 2014

There is a World Cup song and it is everything wrong with music

When I think about the World Cup the first thing that comes to my mind is Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull, so thank christ they got together to make a song about it.

"Put your flags up in the sky, wave them from side to side, show the world where you're from, show the world we are one" says Pitbull, whoever the fuck he might be, and then thankfully a song made for a nightclub kicks off!  I love songs that are only made to be listened to in European night clubs, they are soooooo great.

I haven't written a World Cup song yet so I can't be too harsh on it but when I do it won't be shit.  Luckily for you I'll almost certainly be dead by the time Scotland next qualify for one so I wouldn't worry