Friday, 25 April 2014

SCANDALOUS! Cargo of Panini World Cup stickers stolen in Brazil

Panini stickers are serious business, which is why I've almost completed my book already.  It's also so serious that people are stealing cargo shipments of them

When Saturday Comes reported this yesterday:
A cargo of Panini stickers was stolen in Rio de Janeiro on Tuesday, according to a report by Globo. With the World Cup approaching and collections in full flow around the world, a spokesperson for the company refused to say how many stickers had been stolen but did go as far as saying Rio would be "fully stocked", before confirming there are "no shortages" of stickers on newsstands in the host nation.
I'm just glad that nobody got hurt.  I can't guarantee that no-one will be hurt of course, because if I get Hector Moreno or Javier Mascherano anymore times I am going to hunt them down and punch them to death.  That, or kill everyone in the world.  And doing that would still be easier than getting the Argentina shiny.