Monday, 7 April 2014

Raith Rovers win the Ramsdens Cup

Raith Rovers beat Rangers 1-0 after extra-time in the Ramsdens Cup final and that is very, very funny.  Congratulations to you, Ally McCoist.

Absolutely no-one in the world cares about the Ramsdens Cup final, not even Harry Ramsden, but the fact that Rangers didn't win just goes someway to backing up all the saturday morning cartoons I used to watch that taught me that in the end, evil never wins.  Rangers 2: Return of the Rangers may have been promoted to the Scottish Championship this year but this humbling result will go some way to revealing that McCoist might not really know what he's doing.
"I don't fear for my future at all,"
Said Super Ally, holding back the tears as fans of Raith fucking Rovers revelled in their famous victory
"We will need to play better than that because Dundee United are one of the form teams in the country."
Poor Rangers, when will life start giving them a chance?  McCoist also said "That's up there with all the major disappointments that I've had" which just goes to show that when you care about losing the Ramsdens Cup final, something has gone seriously wrong since the only thing more disappointing than winning the Ramsdens Cup final is everything ever of all time