Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Qatar is cancelling four of its 12 World Cup stadiums

Renowned football magazine 'Gizmodo' has reported that officials have Qatar have realised that their plan to build 12 stadiums in an area slightly larger than Vincent Kompany's forehead might have been  at best a bad one, and at worse, utterly retarded.

I'm not saying that Qatar bribed their way into hosting the tournament, but what will say is I bet all those dead slaves are pretty pissed off right now.  Gizmodo says:
Though no official reason was given for cutting four stadiums from the country's plans, an analyst told Businessweek that the decision was "motivated by cost-cutting following an assessment of the real needs on the ground." Qatar is planning to spend at least $200 billion building infrastructure and buildings for the World Cup. That includes gigantic air-conditioning systems planned for some venues, because summer temperatures in Qatar can hover around 122 Fahrenheit.
Deciding to host a World Cup in Qatar has all the marks of something that a drunk person decided to do one night and then realised far too late that people were taking them seriously.  Like when you tell your ex that you totally want to give it another go when you convince her to come back to your house on Friday at 3am.