Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Phil Jones is dead sexy

Phil Jones did an #AskPhilJones the other day and of course there were hundreds of "hilarious" fake questions! HAHA AHA  HAH A THAT'S DEFINITELY NOT OLD YET.  Luckily for us, Big Phil was on hand to record a sexy video.

During his #Ask session, Phil spends the majority of the time pointing his cock at you.  There's no way your eyes cannot be diverted to his crotch as he uses it like a flashlight

Here's a screen shot of Phil Jones trying to look sexy for you


And finally in this scene he's just jizzed in his pants thinking about how damn sexy he is.

The actual #Ask is just variations on the 'Tom Cleverley is shit' joke and people attacking his looks.  Fair play to the boy for ignoring the 99% of messages making fun of him, I don't know what kind of a cunt would do that