Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Old Firm fans are delightful

Rangers and Celtic haven't played each other for a few years since Rangers went and got liquidated but that hasn't stopped them hating each others' guts enough to set off fireworks and smoke bombs at an under-17s youth final.

except for when it did

In addition to three people being arrested, The Daily Record says:
As the match kicked off, a group of Rangers casuals with scarves over their faces and a number of Celtic fans tried to break through segregated areas after goading each other with sectarian songs.
With their own reporter adding:
“I’ve covered games for over a decade and have never been so revolted. It’s a kids’ game and should have been the highlight of their footballing careers but the headlines again will be the behaviour of the fans.” 
It's just wonderful stuff and really goes to show what a lovely bunch of supporters both teams have.  I mean the last time I saw anyone get this passionate about a kids' sporting event was when my Uncle Ken was very unfairly taken away by the police on sports day.  They said it was for "inappropriate behaviour" but if taking your pants off in the hot summer sun is "inappropriate" then lock me up right now.