Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Aberdeen fans cleared of abusing Neil Lennon, Neil Lennon sucks

Neil Lennon went to watch Aberdeen vs St Johnstone a while ago and told his agent that some nasty fans had been throwing things, spitting at him and shouting vulgar religious abuse at him all during the game.  The police told Neil Lennon that this didn't happen and there is no evidence to support it.  How very mysterious!

As we have established now, Neil Lennon really is a bit of a knob.  And when I say 'bit of a knob' I mean 'a gargantuan penis of colossal size, renowned throughout the land for his cuntish ways'.  Neil Lennon's job is to get the best paid footballers in Scotland to beat teams far worse than his own, with almost zero competition and he's terrible at it.  This is because Neil Lennon thinks his job is telling everyone how everyone hates him for no reason, except there is a reason, and the reason is because he is a gargantuan penis of colossal size, renowned throughout the land for his cuntish ways.  STV say:
Lennon's agent, Martin Reilly, said at the time that his client had coins thrown at him and was spat upon during the game.
It was claimed Lennon walked out of the stadium early, shortly after Adam Rooney scored the third goal in the 62nd minute of Aberdeen's 4-0 victory.
I think it's most great that Lennon went to his agent first to pretend that people were being mean to him.  But did he pretend?  Maybe people really were throwing things and spitting and saying bad religious things!  Oh POOR NEIL OH GOD WONT SOMEONE THINK OF NEIL EVERYONE IS SPITTING AT HIM AND THROWING DRINKS
A spokeswoman said: "Following reports of a crowd disturbance at the Aberdeen versus St Johnstone League Cup semi-final at Tynecastle on February 1, Police Scotland's Football Coordination Unit can confirm that their enquiry has been concluded, and that there was not sufficient evidence to bring charges against anyone."
When this thing first came out, Aberdeen fans everywhere denied anything had happened except for several of them shouting things at Lennon.  That happens in football, and unfortunately for Neil Lennon, on the street too.  I don't think anyone in the world deserves to be bullied except for bigots, racists, nazis etc but within the context of a football match, Lennon is a true bellend.

It has nothing to do with where he's from (a certain previous Northern Irish Celtic manager managed to avoid abuse from Aberdeen fans especially) and it has absolutely NOTHING to do with religion.  How anyone can try and claim that religion has anything to do with football in 2014 deserves to be fired on a rocket to the sun.  Only the absolute highest kings of morons who follow the Old Firm maintain any sort of association with religion and their clubs.  It's a football club.

Here's a message for fans of the Old Firm who don't really 'get it'.  Guys - you're from Scotland.  Not Ireland.  The IRA is not good and no-one gives a shit about whatever random evil former prisoner you want to draw a banner about.  Thanking God for helping you win a game is futile because he doesn't exist - they have evidence for that big bang theory now, and the Origin of the Species has been in print for about two hundred years.  Fuck off.  As far as I can remember, no versions of the bible nor Charles Darwin mention football anywhere in the books.  One is fiction, the other is science - still no football.  If do genuinely believe in a religion then perhaps you should take most of your influence from its greater points.  You know, things like acceptance to others and equality.  This point applies to both sides.

Other guys - you are from Scotland and have nothing to do with the problems of Northern Ireland.  You need to go on fucking holiday and realise that the world is far larger than wearing a blue shirt in a tiny part of Glasgow and hating someone because they believe a slightly different version to the story that you like.  It's like thousands of people fighting each other over which Batman series they prefer.  Further more, paramilitary stuff and catholic bashing has absolutely nothing to do with football.  Fuck off.  If you want to support your team because you come from there and you genuinely love it then that's absolutely fine, and I hold the same contempt for any Aberdeen fan who sings about Ian Durrant getting his leg broken, but stop ruining football and life in Scotland with your childish nonsense.  It's embarrassing.

On a lighter note, here is Neil Lennon's tactics book incase you missed it last time.

So anyway, that whole Neil Lennon thing was bollocks. Correctly convinced that his image is damaged by the cuntish things he does, he's apparently taking PR steps to rectify this and paint himself the victim in order to appear more employable in the big leagues.  He desperately wants to manage in England but even Paul Ince would have won the treble with Celtic this year, and that's the most offensive thing I've ever written