Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Manchester United players are humans

Danny Welbeck, Tom Cleverley and Ashley Young went out on the piss after getting home from Munich last week and now they're being fined.  Fuck me football is boring

David Moyes had given the squad three days off following the defeat in Germany, but according to The Daily Mirror:
Both Welbeck and Cleverley were out for the night, which started at Neighbourhood before they moved on to Sakura at Deansgate Locks.
As they left the club, Young departed in a taxi, and 23-year-old Welbeck emerged with a bottle of water in his hand.
Just let them do stuff!  All of you cunts on Twitter and Facebook with your smart phones and digital cameras and pacman video games are making being a professional footballer one of the most boring jobs ever.  Do you get to play football all day?  Check.  Do you get paid lots of money?  Check.  Are you allowed a single minute to enjoy either of these things?  No.

When I have a day off I like to go to a pub and get shit-faced - so do other mid-20s people.  The biggest differences are that when I go into work I don't have 50,000 people screaming at me trying to tell me ways to do my job better and in my job I'm not terrified to tell anyone about my gay thoughts.