Monday, 21 April 2014

Liverpool have almost won the league

Liverpool took another step towards winning the league and resurrecting a zombie like invasion of pre-man utd glory hunters by beating Norwich by 3 goals to 2 goals.

Most humans like me thought it rather unlikely that Liverpool would be top of the league, five points clear, with three games to go, but they are so what do I know?  Liverpool can pretty much win the league by beating Chelsea next week and since Mourinho's side have some games against Atletico Madrid to deal with, some journalists have said that it'll be interesting to see whether he plays a full strength side to try and win the title, or focus on Champions League success.

The biggest talking point of the whole Chelsea/Liverpool thing though, was of course Jamie Redknapp entering new levels of seethe:

He was so fucking wound up he didn't even know what to say.  Like when we spent all day at school trying to get farmer Pete to say that he had three balls because that's "totally normal - we all have three balls" and then when he did finally admit he had three balls we laughed at him while he tried to get out of it and say he didn't.  Redknapp is that man with three balls