Monday, 7 April 2014

Lee Griffiths is in trouble for hating refugees

When Celtic striker Lee Griffiths isn't looking like a human thumb, he's in a pub singing songs about Hearts players being refugees.  Hooray!

The Daily Record has the video here so you can watch him sing, to the tune of Yellow Submarine, 'Rudi Skacel is a fucking refugee' to the delight of Hibs fans in a bar in Edinburgh.  Griffiths himself is a Hibs fan and will be delighted that he now faces a racism inquest by the Scottish FA because he decided to show off in front of the big boys.  If you were ever concerned about the plight of the human race, remind yourself that this man not only earns more than you, but has children.  Plural.  So I guess you were right actually now I think about it.  It's time to move to outer space everyone