Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Kevin Mirallas thinks Adnan Januzaj should go back where he came from

Adnan Januzaj recently pledged his allegiance to the United States of Belgium but some people just aren't happy about that.  He's just not Belgian enough for Kevin Mirallas!

He doesn't actually say anything like that at all but it doesn't stop The Mirror from trying to insinuate it anyway:
Everton forward Kevin Mirallas has been told to keep his opinions to himself by Belgium manager Marc Wilmots after he questioned Adnan Januzaj's World Cup credentials. 
Manchester United winger Januzaj, 19, declared his allegiance to Belgium last week, ending a season-long saga in which England, Albania and Kosovo had all expressed an interest in his services. 
But while Wilmots welcomed Januzaj's decision, Mirallas was less accommodating.
My god - just how racist is Kevin Mirallas being about poor young Adnan?  Do his evil thoughts know no boundaries?!
‘Adnan does not know the group, and the fact is, he has not had much game time at Manchester United lately. It’s not as if we are short of good players in that area of the team. In fact, there are a lot of good players in his position in the Belgium squad, so it is going to be difficult for him. 
‘He has yet to prove at United that he can be their No 1 asset in his particular position. I think for him, the European Championships in 2016 would be a more realistic target.’
Argh!  I can't believe the hatred coursing through his veins.  Just wait until Adnan Januzaj gets a game in the World Cup, fannies about with the ball for 20 seconds before pinging it into the stand behind the goal and disappearing for 4 months. I guess we'll all know who'll be looking pretty silly then, Kevin Mirallas.