Thursday, 17 April 2014

Fulham players phone fans to say thanks for buying season tickets

Fulham players took to the phones this week to say thanks to fans who bought a season ticket for next year, even though the team is old, awful to watch and lacks penetration.  Like your Mum.

Oh what a lovely bunch of lads, what a great gesture.  I bet it was the players themselves who suggested phoning their loyal fans - who doesn't love cold calling people stupid enough to spend £700 on a season ticket to watch Fulham?  "What's that?  Oh your dog wants to speak to me now?  How wonderful" they all say, while teams at the top of the league act like actual footballers and don't sit around fannying about on the computer.

And I only know they're phoning fans because that's what a press release said, for all we know they could be playing a network game of Call of Duty, which they're only probably slightly worse at than football.  Imagine if N64s had the internet?  What a world