Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Fabrice Muamba is a journalist now

Fabrice Muamba is a hero for surviving a heart attack and attributing it to religion instead of the doctors that saved his life, but he's now also studying sports journalism.  Well played, Muamba.

Instead of getting his work experience at the Bromford Advertiser he's very cleverly gone straight to The Express:
But Mourinho managed to make his players feel 25-feet tall and, as such, they gave a strong, resilient performance against a side who were favourites to lift the championship. They did that by playing counter-attacking football and being compact defensively and that has proven to be key whenever they have come up against any top-four side this season.
That's just a small example of his genre defining work.  I think it's really going to change the football world - nay - the journalist world, because he's really saying controversial things like touching upon what tactical style someone once used and including stereotyped football language.  If there's one thing we need in the dying industry of print media, it's neutrality