Monday, 21 April 2014

Emmanuel Frimpong is bad at sexting

Not so long ago Emmanuel Frimpong was playing in midfield for Arsenal and was the subject of "hilarious" internet banter.  Now he's been sending pictures of his knob to his Barnsley team mates by accident.

He might look depressed in that picture, but that's actually scientifically the happiest you can be when you are told that you have to play for Barnsley, or live anywhere near Barnsely.  Frimpong's team mates carried out the age old prank of texting him from a random mobile phone number pretending to be a girl using the name 'Lucy'.  Ever the gentleman, Frimpong replied by sending pictures of his dick and later regretted this when at a team meeting all was revealed and he looked so silly.

I can never work out whether girls actually get any enjoyment out of a dick pic - do they actually find that hot?  I can't imagine they do.  Some of them actually get really annoyed by it!  But if I don't send pictures of my flaccid penis to my neighbour, how is she supposed to know what it looks like?!  Girls are so strange