Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Eat a banana, fight racism

Footballers around the world have united in their fight against the one true evil of this world - Rita from Power Rangers.  And also racism, which I think also featured heavily in Power Rangers.

By that I of course am referring to the use of the black guy in the group having to have the black ranger costume and the Asian one having no choice but to be the yellow one.  It appears that I am incapable of taking anything seriously and that is why I spent ten minutes today drawing cocks on all of the photos, because that is funny.

This reaction is, of course, to support Dani Alves under the slogan 'We Are All Monkeys' which while technically true, should be changed to 'We All Descended From Apes' as that is factually more accurate. Dani Alves had a banana thrown at him you see, which he then ate on the pitch.  Thankfully, the person who threw the banana has since been found and banned for life from the stadium it was in.  Good.  I would obviously never condone violence but if anyone fancied kicking him in the balls a lot then that would be better.

Alves said:
"There is a lot of racism [in Spain] towards foreigners," he told Radio Globo. 
"It's sold as a first world country but there are some things which are long overdue. Fifa should pay attention to such things."
They should pay particular attention to me because I eat lots of bananas and had no idea that I was making such a powerful statement by doing so.  I think it's safe to say that I am probably one of the most anti-racist people of all time, I wish I could still talk to my family's old butler about it - he'd be so proud.

Only joking!  I'm pretty sure he escaped.  So if you could find him I'd really appreciate that.