Tuesday, 22 April 2014

David Moyes is totally fired

Poor old David Moyes got sacked this morning which is a real shame because I was thoroughly enjoying it.  This is like when they show an advert during the movie on channel 4

Various newspapers broke the story this morning, even though we all knew yesterday, and it looks like United were just waiting for the stock exchange in New York to open before they binned him.  Ed Woodward may look like someone who brings a packed lunch to work, but he was the man who sat across a desk and told old Moyes to "Giiiiiiiiiit out" which must have made it a hundred times worse.  Like when someone younger than you is your boss.

So as you sit at your desk and rejoice at the news, remember you're laughing at a man who has had to put up with being ginger his entire life and whose final curtain was against his old club.  This is basically like if you leave your wife for the young, hot flirty girl at work cos 'u r meant to b togetha 4eva' but then detect signs of mental very early on.  The problem is that you can't go back now because you've left your kids and house, which was kind of a big statement, and I bet you really regret that now don't you?  Having to go out for cocktails is exhausting, boring and expensive.  Plus, no-one really uses Tinder anymore so how are you supposed to have sex?  You should have thought about this more, Moyes!