Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Burnley and Leicester are in the Premier League

The "Greatest League In The World Ever Of All Time" is set to get even better because fucking LEICESTER KABLAHAAAAAH and BURNLEY ERMAGERD BLAHAHAHAHAHAJRGRGR have been promoted.

This kinda slipped me by because I honestly couldn't give a shit about either of these teams.  Leicester I don't mind because Emile Heskey used to play for them, they have a nice blue strip, Kasper Schmeichal sounds like a friendly ghost and his Dad is Peter, and they were in the Prem back in the good old days, but Burnley are utterly pointless.  They are the low alcohol beer at the party, the girlfriend of your friend that you can't be arsed getting to know better because you know he's going to get rid of her soon.  Their manager is this guy

Sean Dyche thinks he is the fucking boy when in actual fact he has a sexual predator beard and he's ginger.  He's basically about an ice cream van away from being the face of all child abduction photo fits ever.