Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Barcelona's transfer suspension is suspended

Remember that transfer ban Barcelona got last week?  They do, and that's why they complained that it was unfair which is apparently all it takes for FIFA to lift very serious bans.  Justice at last!

FIFA released this statement today:
the chairman of the FIFA Appeal Committee, Larry Mussenden, took into consideration the sanctions imposed against the club, the complexity of the matter, the start date of the next registration period – 1 July 2014 – and the fact that the FIFA Appeal Committee does not seem in a position to take a decision on the main issue early enough so that an eventual appeal of the club against its decision before the Court of Arbitration for Sport would still be decided before the beginning of the next registration period. Consequently, the chairman of the FIFA Appeal Committee considered that the appeal lodged by the club is to be granted suspensive effect.
In human language that means 'they are allowed to sign players again this summer'.  I can't tell you why FIFA thinks this is a good idea but what I can tell you is that there aren't enough people in this world called Larry anymore.