Sunday, 13 April 2014

Arsenal in FA Cup final, the end for Giroud?

Despite being the handsome top shagger that he is, The Sun on Sunday seems to think that Olivier Giroud is going to be shipped off in the summer for some reason.

The Arsenal were fairly lucky to manage to beat Wigan yesterday which is mental because it's Wigan.  Wenger has already admitted his team is devoid of charisma and confidence - a great way to motivate them before the biggest game of the season btw - and we were treated to a game so exciting that I started putting stickers in my world cup album instead of watching.  And I was in a pub at the time.

Giroud didn't even make the starting XI yesterday and instead Yaya Sanogo, who seems to be stuck permanently in slow motion, led the line.  He isn't really very good yet and Giroud sort of is, and it appears that the Frenchman's after hours activities where he likes to sneak women into his hotel room have taken their toll on Wenger.

Either way, Arsenal are in the FA Cup final with a chance to actually win something but by god they were awful.