Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Ally McCoist thinks social media is bad

Rangers goalkeeper Steve Simonsen was abused on Twitter by his own fans after playing badly against Dundee United and letting in three goals.  Then he left Twitter.  McCoist thinks computers are evil

Some sub-humans sent varied messages of hatred and abuse at Simonsen and his family (they weren't really involved in the game) to the point where he just deleted his account straight away.  Not cool guys.  I tried to find the video of his spectacular mis-control to allow United's third goal but was distracted by YouTube's suggestions for related videos which included one titled:
Hermit crab migration
I don't know what hermit crabs really have to do with either Ally McCoist or Dundee United but here are some words from the Rangers manager:
"I’m maybe an old dinosaur. I’m seeing more negatives than positives from players on Twitter at the moment. I’ve said before we have to be guarded about what we do and what we say.
While I like winding up footballers and real people on Twitter as much as the next guy, there's a certain level at which it becomes genuinely abusive and akin to throwing rocks at the witch accused in the gallows.  Just because you have an opinion doesn't mean you have to share it.  Unless you're a girl, really hot and your opinion is that you should email me pictures of your tits.  Then I will allow it

hint hint