Monday, 14 April 2014

Alan Pardew is digging a hole

There was a brief period where Alan Pardew confused everyone by winning 'manager of the year' but thankfully things have returned to normal now and everyone hates him.

According to The Telegraph:
After just over three years of tolerating Pardew, supporters are turning in vast numbers. The Stoke game was the first time the discontent has been expressed at a match, but it has been mounting on social media and among influential fanzine writers for a long time.
It makes sense I guess because Newcastle have been boring for ages but what's he supposed to do?  None of their players gives a shit because they're all not from Newcastle and want to leave, the owner sold their only good player in January to make some money, and there's no way anyone is ever going to invest the amount of money required to get them above 6th place.

There is as much point to Newcastle United in the Premier League as there is to prolonging that coma your girlfriend is in - even if she comes out of it in like 20 years, things will have changed so much that she won't even like you any more and then I can call her my girlfriend I mean Alan Pardew will be fired soon.