Monday, 14 April 2014

Adriano likes to party. Also pies

Adriano (that guy from Pro Evo) was trying really hard to get back in the Brazil squad for the World Cup recently, but then he remembered about nightclubs

Good old Adriano has been released from his club 'insert brazilian club name' which is very sad.  You may think it sounds harsh but this was the second time in a week that he's done it, and even football takes that seriously.  At least at my job I can just have word documents open and tap on keys every now and again while my eyes sleep.  Having to run around a football pitch being good whilst shit faced from the night before probably doesn't work.

The video is on 101 Great Goals so you can watch a very drunk Brazilian man standing next to what I assume is a hot girl.  No-one gets naked and I'm not in it, so as you can imagine I got bored very quickly and stopped watching to make loud animal noises.  These are also the same reasons I'm not invited to funerals