Thursday, 24 April 2014

Adnan Januzaj is totally Belgium now

Adnan Januzaj has been the centre of international controversy as he basically gets to pick which country is his favourite to pretend he's from.  This week he has chosen Belgium, land of chocolate and powerful beer.

Belgium coach Marc Wilmots posted on Twitter:
"I have received official confirmation that Adnan Januzaj wishes to play for the Belgian national team for the rest of his career!
"This is good news and I am delighted that such a talented player is available for selection for the Red Devils."
The 19 year old could have played for Kosovo, Albania, Belgium or if he waited another five years, England.  I don't even think English people want to play for England anymore due to how the media and fans treat them so I don't really blame him for not deciding to play for a country he's only been in for about ten minutes.  I've had girlfriends file restraining orders against me quicker than that