Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Usain Bolt wants to play football

When Usain Bolt isn't busy running very fast, he's trying to make football teams sign him.  Now he's decided that club football isn't for him and that he's probably better suited to the international game.

I could relate to Usain but unfortunately I took the chance to officially retire from international football about three years ago.  It sounds stupid but the coach actually wants him, telling The Daily Mail:
'In the German newspapers I read about Usain Bolt saying he wants to play football and he wants to play in Manchester (United in England). 
'He's a Jamaican and I want him to be on the national team.
'This is our goal. Maybe after the Olympics in Brazil (2016), I want to see him in our team. That is what I want to tell him. I hope he wants to play for his country.'
The basis of this plan is 'that guy is very fast, he will probably run past the whole team every time' which to be fair to the guy, is the way that most people I hate play 5 a side but they tend to win.  Usain Bolt is basically then the Jamaican version of Theo Walcott, where instead of a football brain he has 'fastness', which is not only a skill but definitely a word.  Like speed, but faster.   Tell your friends