Monday, 31 March 2014

Tim Sherwood might have punched someone in the face

Tim Sherwood might be a tactical genius but he's also excellent at being angry, to the point where he's making himself sit in the stands to avoid physically assaulting people, and especially his own players ALLEGEDLY
Tim Sherwood's Secret Tactics Notepad, discovered earlier today

Aaron Lennon went on Twitter to deny rumours that Tim went fucking raj at his players following their 4-0 pounding at Liverpool and I think we're all agreed at this point that there is no way in hell he will be the manager of that club after the season ends.  There are people being investigated in operation yewtree with better job security but at least he's trying to look all clever by sitting in the stands.  Maybe he's actually really nice and I'm just being mean, but after all 'life's like a box of chocolates'.

I was thinking about Forrest Gump the other day actually.  That guy bought a shitty box of chocolates. Not only did his girlfriend die of aids but he was mentally retarded. It's basically like they found an abandoned dairy milk tray, put aids inside it and then he was like oh it's just life.  If I got a tin of cadbury roses for christmas and one of the flavours had aids in it, I’d still prefer it to the purple ones with nuts in.