Wednesday, 12 March 2014

The Aberdeen Cup Final song is doing alright

There are only three (?) days left now until the Scottish League Cup final, but you all know that anyway.  Some of you even made it in our video

You can buy that song if you like.  It's on iTunes and places like that right now, click on the lovely artwork to be taken there.  If you do own another sort of phone or don't use Apple stuff like iTunes, I think you can get it on Deezer, what ever the living christ that might be.

We have had a magic response to this so far - The Daily Mail, Guardian, BBC, STV and all the local press have covered it in a positive light, including this giant back page spread in the main paper in Aberdeen

Which was pretty cool.  Then STV (like ITV but for people who like heroin) ran a 'battle of the bands' thing with that Inverness Cally song, which can I just say, is hilarious.  "It's Billy McKay".  Yes it is.

Thought some of you might like to know how this has developed since the majority have been following us for at least a couple of years now - it's not exactly the most viral thing I've done so far but if you consider the population of Aberdeen is about 250,000 and this thing has had 32000 views, that's like 10% of Aberdeen or something like that.

Cup Fever has started!  I definitely have it anyway.  It's the one where the left side of your body goes numb and you can see through time isn't it?

I'm so cold