Monday, 10 March 2014

Stand Free! The unofficial Aberdeen FC Cup Final Song

After several days of very hard work I am delighted to present 'Stand Free! The Unofficial Aberdeen FC Cup Final Song' to you:

Click on that picture to be launched to a brand new world full of videos from Aberdeen fans from across the globe.  Locations include: New York, London, Manilla, British Virgin Isles, Toronto, Sydney, Melbourne, Dundee, Aberdeen + Shire, Dubai, New Jersey and several others I can't remember.

The video also features my hero, Eoin Jess, the legendary Darren Mackie, Aberdeen's all time top scorer Joe Harper, our good friend Richard Gordon (@RichardGordon48) and super journalist number 1, Graham Hunter (@BumperGraham).

Thanks to all who submitted videos - sorry if we didn't receive yours for some reason!  This has been a pretty cool little experiment and a LOT of work.

Hopefully you enjoy it.  Please share it around!


EDIT: Here's some press for it already