Thursday, 27 March 2014

Plastic Man United fans are nasty to David Moyes

Now that Manchester United are finally rubbish, all of the horrible little goblins who don't understand how to support an actual football team (note the word 'support' as opposed to 'demand to win') have come out to start requesting David Moyes be hoisted out.

Fans like the guy above (video from Full Time Devils) have called for Moyes' head to roll and some have even got together online to save enough money (£1000) to fly a plane over Old Trafford saying 'Wrong One - Moyes Out'.  It might seem a little extreme and the work of glory hunting bellends, but that's because it is.  The Graudiad says:
Supporters have clubbed together through the Red Issue website to raise almost £1,000 for the planned flypast while Moyes's first season in charge has been so ignominious the usually supportive Manchester Evening News has taken to lampooning him, running an "excuses generator" from his nine months in office.
Poor old Moyesey.  All he's done is led the team to its worst season in about 20 years and he's been told to kill himself, that he is hated, and some things that I don't think are real English. What wonderful supporters.  If he hadn't endured the exact same abuse as a ginger person for the last 50 odd years, he might not have survived.