Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Ole Solskjaer is so boring

There's lots of news in football land but we aren't really a news source and I wanted to remind you all of how boring Ole Solksjaer is.  He's really boring.

Just look at him.  I used to quite like Solskjaer, or 'The Baby Faced Dickhead' as he's better known, when he would turn up at random places in Man United games and score goals for them, even though I don't like Manchester United.  Here are some things he has said in press conferences:

Our agenda is to get the points we need

Earning the right to play by wanting it more than them, running more than them cos I see these lads here now and they really, really want to stay in this league

And those are from the same press conference.  Maybe I just don't like press conferences actually.  Players who were probably fannying around with teammates about five months ago are now 'dead serious' about 'the lads' 'wanting it' and 'doing it for the supporteres'.  At least everyone's 'attitude' is usually 'spot on'.

But no!  It's different with Solskjaer because I like Malky Mackay and he's taken his job, even though the now ex-Cardiff boss was putting up with all the bullshit that Vincent Tan had been giving him like some sort of moustached bunny boiler.  He was keeping it together for the kids, man, and Tan wasn't even putting out.

Solskjaer is basically the nerdy step dad who you hate while your awesome real Dad is off in vegas drinking pints with strippers.  I wish Malky Mackay was my Dad