Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Mark Hughes is confused

Mark Hughes has revealed that that he doesn't actually know how he's winning games at Stoke at all because the games he should probably win he doesn't but the games he shouldn't win he does.  Almost as if it's blind luck and he's a terrible football manager.  Who could have seen it coming?!

Were it not for having beaten Man Utd, Arsenal and two other top 6 teams I can't remember, Stoke would currently be sitting bottom of the league.  As in worse than Fulham.

Some people say to me "uhhh so obviously they're doing well then" but these freak results are just coinciding in the same season - it won't happen again.  I guarantee that if he's still in charge by the end of next season Mark Hughes will have successfully relegated Stoke - all he's done so far is come in and say "oh yes I want to play entertaining football" and then been fortunate enough that someone who did know what they were doing, as much as it pains me to admit that Pulis does, had already set up the team so it was hard for other sides to beat them.  Hughes has just come in and pushed various buttons to fly a spaceship that was already on autopilot.

The best analogy I can think of is Hughes taking over a sandwich shop and then attempting to boost profits by hiring players he used to have at Blackburn to work there, then four random businessmen come in and buy giant sandwich platters for their office over the period of a couple of months because they're having training events so Mark's like 'aww yeh record profits' but then the sandwich shop gets relegated or is attacked by giant eagles