Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Man United v Man City preview

SOCCER!  KABLLAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!  It's the Manchester derby.  Two teams of millionaires from places that have absolutely nothing to do with Manchester competing to win billionaire tycoons bragging rights.  WHO WILL WIN?

My money's on Man City because as Fernandinho has pointed out to the Mirror, United are awful:
“It was the first time I’d played them after joining City,” he said. “United are a club with history, with very good players and they were the champions. So I was surprised at how badly they played, how easily we won.
I love David Moyes - he's my favourite United manager probably ever and it doesn't matter how bad things get there because he has a "six year contract" and the Glazers won't fire him!  I think at this point the only reason that remains true is Alex Ferguson took photographs that night they all "got loose" in the boardroom after a game.  The other sports managers that the Glazers hire get binned all the time, and I know that because a journalist told me.

Full Time Devils interviewed this guy - who is so old he remembers the Busby years - and he fucking hates him.  He also speaks a lot of sense and says more tactically astute things in about 3 minutes of interview time as I've heard Neil Lennon and Ally McCoist combined in the last 8 years.  Or however long they've been there.

Man City meanwhile are rather good and have already won silverware this season.  They won the 'cup that no-one cares about' and then went out of the 'cup that the tv wants everyone to care about' and then the 'only genuinely important cup in europe' so this game is important if they want their bonuses.

Of the starting lineups I don't think anyone actually gives a shit about 'local pride' or however Sky Sports decides to spin this one, it's just a bunch of rich guys trying to keep their place in the starting 11 so they don't go insane having to live in Manchester when they come from Brazil or something.  James Milner is from Leeds, Joe Hart is from I don't care and Vincent Kompany looks like he comes from the moon.

I will of course be watching the Ross County v Aberdeen game and switching occasionally to see how many goals City are pumping United by.  My prediction is............. United 0-4 City.  And if that seems to change by the time the game's ended it's definitely coincidence