Monday, 3 March 2014

Man City win the cup

Madchester City won the 'pointless cup that no-one cares about' on Sunday and their players were so excited and happy.  How warm it feels to share their joy

Sunderland somehow took the lead and for about 45 minutes it genuinely looked like they might pull it off.  Then half time came and City had some of their special winning juice, allowing Yaya Toure to ping in a 30 yarder and Samir Nasri to slam a volley AROUND A MAN and into the goal.

Nothing else really happened.

There they are all excited.  One thing I did notice is that Vincent Kompany's head has almost the exact same dimensions, shape and volume as the trophy but his head is filled with brains, cunning and desire while the league cup is filled with tins of fosters.  The League Cup is universally considered lame these days unless a small club wins it, since the prize is a 10 pack of fosters, which as I discussed in the last sentence, is served inside the trophy.

It must be so underwhelming to win the Capital One Cup when you play for Man City.  I still have no idea what Capital One even is and I refuse to google it because it's probably insurance or something to do with credit cards, or one of those other things I keep getting cold calls about.  I had to change my phone number after I kept getting that one where a young boy phones and says 'I'm your son and you're my Dad oh my god I can't believe I've finally found you'.  I've also moved house so stop phoning, I don't want you