Monday, 31 March 2014

Joey Barton vs Capitalism

Joey Barton has decided to take on the world of money today by correctly pointing out that sports companies are trying to shag you and your children out of hard earned cash.  Or if you're from Dundee, those coins you found while sitting on the street.

Nike have revealed the England World Cup kit today and it is available for you to buy for only..... £90.  Ninety fucking pounds.  For a t-shirt.  Barton says:
Its literally a white sports top with an England badge on. Costs about £2 pound tops to make in some sweatshop in the east.
@TheSPORTBIBLE tweeted this:

Appalling. In my opinion. Football again allows commercialism to eat away at its soul. Something has got to give.
31/03/2014 12:20

He's dead on but it's been the same for about twenty something years now.  If you go and watch any Premier League game you're basically just sitting in a rich guy's stadium named after the company that sponsors it, watching millionaire walking billboards compete against other millionaire walking billboards to win a trophy named after the company that sponsors it.

You can even buy the rights to host a World Cup nowadays or if you're fortunate enough to be legitimately awarded one, like Brazil, enjoy the ageing upper class men in charge force you to build redundant stadiums and five star hotels that don't involve too long a walk to the stadium.  FIFA have created more white elephants than Disney.

I called the Scottish FA to find out how much our World Cup shirt was going to be but the lady said "I'm sorry we don't have any in planned production for the next 400 years" and then she played really loud bagpipe music down the phone, threw what sounded like an empty tin of tennants at the wall and sporadically shouted fuck off over a period of about ten minutes at me.