Wednesday, 5 March 2014

England's Toni Duggan Blacks-up

Female International footballer Toni Duggan has displayed tremendous commitment to the art of fancy-dress, by blacking up her face for her Whoopi Goldberg outfit.

That is a picture of Toni Duggan in a perfectly normal situation, smeared in make up and surrounded by lighting men for a professional photo shoot. Below is Toni Duggan's effort as Whoopi Goldberg in Sister Act, which to me looks more like Stevie Wonder.

A great effort we can all agree. Sadly blacking up for fancy-dress isn't advised when you are a professional football player and an ambassador for the "Kick It Out" campaign - the "it" being racism. Of course Toni has apologised for the outfit and at no point during the two hours it took to paint herself black, or the two weeks it took to prepare her outfit, did she think "maybe this isn't the best idea".

It's strange how black people never "white up", I guess it's because us white people are really lame. Maybe they do, I've genuinely never thought about this before and will have to go and google. Whatever the outcome, it had the desired result for Toni, I had genuinely never heard of her before and here I am calling her a fucking idiot on my website - she's made it.