Wednesday, 12 March 2014

England fans want to deport Tom Cleverley

Tom Cleverley gets a lot of abuse from football fans everywhere who argue it doesn't seem like he actually does anything.  This is because they are correct, but that still doesn't mean they should have him hanged, or whatever this petition is for.

David Moyes has said "down with this sort of thing" even though as much as I'd like to be nice about Tom Cleverley, I do agree that he is utterly shit.  As my Dad would say, he is about as useful as tits on a fish.

Tom is now the subject of a petition to ban him from the world cup squad which seems incredibly harsh for someone who's just trying to help.  I haven't seen so many people sign a petition this mean since that time the community had me banned from being with 200 yards of the local school.

I mean uhhh...  oh I'm needed in the basement