Tuesday, 18 March 2014

David Moyes' job is safe says David Moyes

Good old David Moyes is still in charge at Manchester United and that just makes me happy.  He is my all time favourite manager at the moment and luckily for me and all other non-Man Utd fans, his job is totally safe.  According to him

The ex-Everton manager is busy preparing for United's game against Olympiacos on Wednesday but that didn't stop him from reminding everyone that he is completely out of his depth at the moment:
"My future has not changed one bit," said Moyes. "I have a great job.
"I have a six-year contract. This club does not work on short-term vision, it works on a long-term vision."
This little statement came after a day which saw various newspapers claim that Ryan Giggs has ordered a hit out on him, that United are already lining up replacements, and for some reason that Mark Bosnich thinks he only has ten days left to save his job.

Where Mark Bosnich has come into this I don't know, and why something he says about a guy he's never met, about a club that no-one remembers him playing for is being used as a news headline is only slightly stranger than how Mark Bosnich looks like these days

I could write a whole thing on specifically why David Moyes isn't very good at his job but it's late and I don't really get paid for this like actual football writers do.  Take that, society