Tuesday, 18 March 2014

AVB has a job

Long time Fitba fans will know that I love AVB and want to be his friend one day, which is why I am very happy he now has a job in Russia, land of Yeltsin.

The former Spurs boss was hounded out of White Hart Lane for not winning the world cup already and so far that's worked out very well for them.  Old Andre hasn't had the best of times in England so far but is now set to take Zenit St. Petersburg to new heights, which will be first place as their last boss was fired for having them in second.  So no pressure

The good thing about AVB being fired is that Tim Sherwood has been given the chance to show us all his 'pashun' and given us all an insight into his tactical mind.  While he may look like a man constantly hypothesising what the discovery of evidence proving the big bang theory correct means for the universe, if you could see inside his brain you'd find a football pitch with a cuckoo clock intermittently shouting 'ARE YOU LOOKING AT ME YOU CUNT'