Wednesday, 12 March 2014

#AskLee Mculloch went well

I don't really understand why clubs keep doing these #askWhoever Twitter talks because the first thing everyone wants to do is ask a 'hilarious' question related to something controversial.  Anyway, here's some of Rangers captain Lee Mculloch's ones from last week

I didn't write any of these because I didn't realise it was on at the time.

#AskLee Is it harder to score against joiners or plumbers?
#askLee What do Postman Pat, Fireman Sam and Bob the Builder have in common? #tellLee They've all scored against you this season.
if you score past the opposition at the weekend does that compromise how well he cuts your grass on Monday? #asklee
Which do you feel is your strongest elbow? Left or right? #AskLee
If my dog dies, I get a new dog but call it the same name as the old one, is it still the same dog? #asklee 
You get the general idea.  I don't really need to add anything here.  These things are never going to attract anything other than non-stop wind ups.  They remind me of a friend I used to have years ago that we called MacGyver because he tried to use a Twix wrapper as a condom