Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Arsene Wenger might leave soon

Arsenal got shagged harder than your Mum at a Take That after party this Saturday, and that's why Arsene Wenger will probably only sign a two year extension to his contract.  Sad potato.

According to the Daily Mirror, Arsenal are going to start preparing for life after Wenger as he has decided he's had enough of finishing in fourth place.  Wenger is something like the 3rd or 4th best paid manager in the world despite not winning anything for 9 years, but he has won several business gateway enterprise awards for helping build a nice big stadium.
Mirror Sport understands manager Wenger has agreed the deal in principle and is preparing for next season by discussing transfer targets, improvements at the training ground and player contracts.
I suppose the good thing about this is that we know it's true, because it's in a newspaper.

Mikel Arteta also came out this week and said "ohhhh i'm so sorry goonahs, we did not mean to lose the big match :-( " as though people thought he wanted to lose it.  I like how Jose Mourinho must have worked out the exact way to beat Arsenal months ago and has been practising ever since.  The first half was like watching me do the first level on Sonic 2 because I know exactly where all the little sign things are and you can get most of the emeralds if you know what you're doing.  Then you get super sonic or his gay friend Tails.