Thursday, 6 February 2014

Michael Laudrup is fired

Michael Laudrup and his delicious hair were fired yesterday, even though all of the best teams in the world wanted to hire him five months ago.

Amongst the many theories as to why he was sacked are 'he couldn't be arsed', 'Wales is absolutely shite', 'he went on holiday' and 'where is Michu'.  I can fully understand why one as handsome as he probably isn't too fussed about getting binned from a stupid little club in a made up country, especially when he's already won a trophy with them.  Mirror Sport said:
[C]hairman Huw Jenkins’ patience snapped when the Swans' manager gave his players two days off this week, despite them losing a ­relegation scrap at West Ham on Saturday.
The Dane headed to France at the height of a club crisis and returned on Tuesday to face the wrath of Jenkins -  who decided to end his 18-month reign.
So what?  Swansea won't get relegated and they won't finish 8th.  Who could be arsed?  This is like when you play Pro Evo or Champ Manager and you're out of all the cups and all you have to do now is draw a series of boring games.  Even worse, it's in real life so you can't just go on holiday and return at the end.  Or you can, I guess, but then you get fired, as Laudrup has just proved.

Swansea players are understanably upset, and no more than captain Garry Monk who has already leapt at the chance to replace the outgoing manager.  You stay classy.

Speaking of classy, Jonjo Shelvey looks like someone has carved a sad face into a cue ball