Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Mesut Ozil is on a break

Mesut Ozil has been sent on a wee holiday in order to "wise the fuck up" according to The Daily Mirror.  Good for him

Mr Ozil has been criticised for .... all of his performances recently, even though I'd say he's actually started trying recently, and Arsene Wenger has decided to let him have a few extra days off so he's rested for the rest of Arsenal's season.  Ozil has played almost every minute he possibly could have since joining Arsenal oh by the way did you hear that he cost £42.5 MILLION OH MY GOD ERMAGERD!

It's no wonder Ozil looks absolutely fucked most of the time, he never gets a chance to stop running around and whenever he gets the ball he's got noone except that mad shagger Giroud up front.  I get the feeling that since Wenger decided to splash out for the first time in twenty years on a player he's squeezing every last ounce of usage out of him that he can, like when you buy a new t-shirt and want to wear it all the time, or when you get a new girlfriend and aren't bored of listening to her talk for the first three weeks or something because boobs