Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Man United are hilarious

I remember earlier this week when I said that Olympiakos would probably beat Manchester United in Athens and all my Man United fan friends said "LOL GOOD ONE"

In only a few months, David Moyes has become my favourite Man United manager of all time.  Not only has he made them hilariously shit, but he's also helped them lose a lot of games.  Those two things might be related actually.  Tonight, a team from a league only slightly more pointless than the SPFL (it's more pointless cos the guy that owns Olympiakos also owns the league, in Scotland I think only 75% of the owners own Celtic) managed to beat David Moyes' brave men 2-0.

Roy Keane was so seething during and after the match that he became the most Irish person in the world of all time.  Even Adrian Chiles' post-match cuntistry couldn't distract from the awesomeness of the result and Man United fans everywhere must surely be starting to understand what it is the rest of us actual football fans have had to go through for the last 28 years.



The other good thing about the result is that people may start to realise that the Premier League is totally balls now.  It's the beginning of the end my friends