Thursday, 6 February 2014

Joe Kinnear is outta here

Joe Kinnear has left Newcastle because why was he there in the first place

I'm pretty sure not even Joe Kinnear knew what his job was, which is just one of the many reasons that Newcastle decided to get rid of him.  Having overseen two transfer windows with Newcastle in which he managed to successfully complete two loan signings and sell their best player, Kinnear also managed to piss off the rest of the playing staff by pronouncing their names as though he had just landed on planet earth and was being taught words for the first time.

It even gets better.  The Mirror, who Simon Bird (Kinnear's greatest enemy) writes for, said this:
A serial loser of his mobile phone, which was often found with dozens of missed calls from agents, Kinnear’s unsuitability for the role of top level deal maker soon became apparent to Ashley.
I can't think of Joe Kinnear in any other light than an idiotic one.  I can only imagine him walking up and down the corridors at St James Park pretending to be on the phone to Ronaldo's agent and rolling his eyes at colleagues, until one day his phone goes off half way through the 'conversation' and it's trying to deliver several tonnes of ice cream to his house