Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Celtic: A Great Bunch of Lads

Celtic will not be punished for a banner their supporters unveiled at a recent match.  Before you ask, yes it has something to do with the IRA or some other bollocks.  IT'S A FOOTBALL MATCH YOU TWATS

The giant H that you can see there in the lovely photo of Celtic's wonderful football loving crowd is not a good H.  Not like Rimmer in Red Dwarf, or even a cool place for helicopters to land.  Oh no.  In fact:
The Maze Prison was used to house paramilitary prisoners and 10 Irish Republicans died in the H-Blocks' hunger strike in 1981.
But don't pretend like you didn't know that.  When it comes to bringing up entirely irrelevant things from a football club's loosely linked past, Celtic are kings.  This banner was unveiled against Aberdeen but the SPFL have decided that even though it is totally retarded and offensive, Celtic did everything they could to prevent it.
"The SPFL found that the banner was offensive and breached the SPFL's rules. However, Celtic FC were able to demonstrate that they had taken all reasonably practicable steps to prevent the banner being displayed at Celtic Park.
In Celtic's defence, the H was very small and only covered about 100 odd people for the large part of a two hour long event, so no wonder stewards weren't able to take it down before people started asking what it was, immediately after seeing it.  In Neil Lennon's defence, he was probably waiting for a £5million new signing to make sure that banner was taken down in a slightly different manner to the last guy, while all the other clubs had to make do with not putting up stupid banners in the first place