Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Ally McCoist is awful

If I could sum up why I hate Rangers so much in one newspaper headline, I'd probably choose this one from The Scotsman.
McCoist: Rangers may need £30m to return to top

I literally groaned out loud when I read this one.  According to Ally, who until recently was on £800,000 a year to manage a Scottish Third Division side with an impossibly large annual player wage budget something like 80 times what the rest of the Scottish Premier League teams have combined, Rangers just aren't able to compete unless they invest about £30million on new players.  That's almost exactly £30million more than the rest of the teams in the SPFL.  Combined.

This is the same Sevco United who are currently 137.5 points ahead of their nearest rival in their current division.  Let's look at the almost exciting table from the real league in Scotland this season:

Now to be fair, Celtic do have a fairly strong grip on the SPFL at the moment but if you cast your minds back a few seasons you will recall the period of time that Rangers used to spend more money than was previously available on earth to help cheat their way to ruining the league and leaving it in the scandalous state that it is now.  Tore Andre Flo cost £12million once.  Think about that.

Aberdeen's first team was assembled for pretty much £0 with the most of the players either youth graduates or having signed on a free, and as you can see in the above table, are pushing to finish second.  £30million?!!  Don't worry though chaps, Super Ally wants to come in and ruin the whole fucking league again like The Old Firm already did.  Hooray!
It’s difficult to put a figure on how much investment we need. But if you lose in the region of £30m worth of players as we did because of administration – players like Nikica Jelavic, Steven Davis, Allan McGregor, Steven Whittaker and all those boys – then I would think that standard of player needs to get replaced. 
“I’m not saying £30m is the exact figure, but that’s roughly what we’ve lost. Some will argue it might be more than that, some might say a little bit less.“But my point is that you can’t lose that, not replace it and then expect to compete at the top level.”
I for one can't wait until the day The Rangers go bust again and all of the creatures that follow them have to support a local team instead.  The amount of cunts from Paisley I've met who support Rangers instead of St Mirren is absolutely atrocious - there's an actual team on your door step, you bellends.

Until Ibrox is attached to a rocket and sent to its new home on the moon or an abandoned nuclear power plant island, those of us who were starting to enjoy this new look Scottish football league can remain clear that we are not safe from the days of The Old Firm continuing to try and ruin it for everyone else.  They're like the dick heads at the party who come in and change the music from NOFX to whatever dance/R&B song is number 1 that week.  That's not even R&B!  The Who was R&B!  ARGHGHGHHGGHGHGHGHGHHGGHGHGHGGHGHGHHGHGHGH