Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Aberdeen beat Celtic AGAIN, I love football

I've managed to go almost a whole week without writing anything again, so sorry about that.  What I'm not sorry for is how delicious it feels to beat Celtic.  For Aberdeen, I mean.  I'm obviously neutral

Before Tuesday night's game against Celtic, the Glasgow side hadn't conceded a goal in 18 years which is why when Johnny Hayes punted a ball into the corner I shouted out loud "hooray".  Fraser Forster then went an impressive three minutes without conceding a goal before Adam Rooney headed in a second and then some other guy for Expensive United FC scored a 'consolation'.

I have forgotten to mention that Celtic were down to ten men for horrifically fouling Peter Pawlett by the time the first goal went in, but this is irrelevant because normally members of the Old Firm have 14 men on the pitch at any given time.  If you include "money" then they have 19 players.

Something something.  2-1

Neil Lennon is truly a master tactician.